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This level is only for those international Correspondence students that need to be able to take the test online

This test is for the completion of Level 200 by the students from the University of Natural Medicine.

A course to help study the 100 plant pressings for the Master Herbalist Certification Seminar

Medicinal plants have been used for centuries to keep us healthy.  These healing herbs are around us everyday - in our spice cupboards, refrigerators, gardens and lawns.

The Family Herbalist course is designed to empower you with the knowledge and confidence needed to tackle almost any health issue.  This course is essential for anyone who wants to take charge of their own health and become more informed, educated and independent.  This course explores important concepts in natural medicine that even the most experienced natural healers need to know for success.

Medicinal plants have been used for centuries to keep us healthy.  These healing herbs are around us everyday - in our spice cupboards, refrigerators, gardens and lawns.

The Family Herbalist course is designed to empower you with the knowledge and confidence needed to tackle almost any health issue.  This course is essential for anyone who wants to take charge of their own health and become more informed, educated and independent.  This course explores important concepts in natural medicine that even the most experienced natural healers need to know for success.

Level 200 discusses the rich history of herbal medicine.

Detailed information is included on the immune system, herbal history, children's diseases and much more.

This level also treats the student to 10 hours of timeless herbal education by Dr. Christopher on CD. Dr. Christopher gives expert instruction on the organ systems of the body including the heart, digestive tract, lungs, liver, pancreas, nerves, skin, eyes, reproductive organs and kidneys. He also shares information on pregnancy, allergies, obesity, varicose veins, pyorrhea and hair loss. Dr. Christopher's "Curing the Incurables" program is also detailed. This program has helped countless people reclaim their health from the clutches of so called "incurable" diseases.

A Healthier You audios include information on Anxiety, Artificial Sweeteners, Getting Started - Transition, Herbal Psychiatry, High Blood Pressure & Heart Health, Immunity, Men's Health, Prozac, Vaccines and Water.

Level 300 discusses specific ailments characteristic in men, women, and children. Simple methods used not only for healing, but also for prevention of common diseases are outlined. Well-researched information about vaccinations prepares students to deal with this controversial subject. A variety of subjects including cardiovascular disease, childhood diseases, high blood pressure, pregnancy, Downs Syndrome, breast and prostate cancer, hormone replacement therapy, high cholesterol, and home birth are also presented.

Level 400 will enlighten the student on the foundational importance of whole foods and their role in health. Learn to create a healthy diet emphasizing the importance of whole grains, fruits, vegetable, nuts, and seeds. The lectures cover what type of water is best to drink, internal cleansing procedures, reprogramming genetics, recipes for good health and more.
Level 500 expounds on diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hyperactivity, depression and other mental and emotional disorders that have become all too common in countries that follow the "American diet". David Christopher discusses how each disease is caused and how it can be prevented and treated using natural methods.
Level 600 focuses on health care for women. With the continuing increase of female oriented diseases, this information is important to any serious herbal student and women of all ages. This level discusses herbs that can help relieve menopausal symptoms and how menstrual pain can be avoided using natural remedies. Time-tested information is also shared by a practicing midwife, expounding on subjects such as natural childbirth, what supplements to take during pregnancy, and raising healthy and happy children.

Included in this level is Jethro Kloss' Back to Eden, a definitive work on natural therapies and health.  You also get The School of Natural Healing's 100 Herb List and Herb Flashcards.  The Formula Assignment will help you become more familiar with Dr. Christopher's herbal formulas.

Level 800 expands the ability of the student to identify many common herbs growing around them by recognizing unique characteristics of each plant shown on The Herb Walk video tape. Le Arta Moulton gives clues to tell the difference between many edible plants and poisonous plant look-alikes. The ability to identify medicinal plant species increases self-reliance and gives the student confidence when gathering herbs in the wild.
Level 900 gives the student a basic understanding of herb botany. Universal botanical terms are necessary for communication in the herbal field. A basic understanding of plant structure creates a foundation for advanced herbal study. This course provides the student with hands on training in collecting and pressing plant samples for further study.
The object of Level 1000 is to teach the student how to organically grow herbs and foods. Students will gain valuable insights on growing herbs and assessing the environment before and after herbs are planted. The horticulture assignment will give the student an opportunity to experience for themselves how to grow herbs and design an herb garden of their own.
Level 1100 gives the student a foundation in herbal self-sufficiency by showing them how to make herbal preparations. Teas, fomentations, poultices, ointments, extracts, tinctures, oils, and liniments are described and demonstrated by Master Herbalist, Debra St. Claire (SNH graduate). Debra demonstrates the procedures as students follow along in the lab manual. The Formulation/Preparation assignment requires students to develop and produce original formulas. Many students find themselves making herbal preparations for fun and/or profit after completing this level.

This level is designed for anyone who wants an in-depth understanding of how medicinal plants work.  Step by step the student will be introduced to the language of phytochemistry and gain an understanding of the personalities and activities of the constituents in medicinal plants. Terminology such as bonding, polarity, functional groups, isomers and more are taught. An understanding will be gained in areas that are of most concern to an Herbalist, the solubility and extraction of herbal constituents, solvent polarity and other influences on solubility, phytochemical stability and reactivity in extracts, the synergy in herbs and formulas and the role of standardization. 

Level 1300 continues with Dr. Christopher's lectures, touching on a wide variety of subjects including herbs such as lobelia, onions, false unicorn, slippery elm, comfrey, barberry, peppermint, horseradish, ginger root, black pepper, clovers, and goldenseal. Dr. Christopher also gives case histories that include methods for treating urinary complaints, edema, eczema, gangrene, severe burns, heavy metal poisoning, radiation poisoning, morning sickness, menstrual pain, herpes, ringing in the ears, sciatica, heart conditions, and tonsillitis.

Level 1400 begins the shift into advanced realms of herbal study. Students begin here with Dr. Christopher's most comprehensive herbal text, School of Natural Healing. This text includes an in depth study of over 110 herbs, including their Latin and common names, medicinal usage, case histories, and more. It also includes symptoms, causes, and natural treatments for over 80 disease conditions.

As an added bonus, recipes for all of Dr. Christopher's formulas are included in this book. This course also provides instruction on the Cold Sheet Treatment and hydrotherapy, the most inexpensive and useful therapy for viral infections.

Unlike modern medicine, which becomes outdated every few years as new knowledge is gained, herbal knowledge has remained consistent throughout the ages. This level enlightens the student to the vast and proud history of herbalism. Students discover the ancient roots of herbalism and the history behind modern medicine.
Richard Schulze, M.H. (SNH graduate), began teaching with The School of Natural Healing after studying under Dr. Christopher for many years. Richard's straightforward herbal approach has made him a popular herbalist. His lectures inspire students to further their education and use their knowledge to heal. Nearly 20 hours of video include Richard discussing his own start in the health field, case histories from his clinic and many other fascinating stories.
Understanding the workings and physiological makeup of the human body is essential in working with the body toward complete healing. This course offers college level anatomy training in the functions of the organ systems and how they relate to each other. A specific emphasis is placed on applying herbal healing to the common diseases of each organ.
Level 1800 builds upon the botanical knowledge received in Level 900. Students are instructed in identifying various plant families and describing herbs using botanical terms. This level of understanding is essential for those students who want to communicate professionally with people in their field or understand writings and articles about herbs
Christopher Hobbs shares his unique knowledge of the chemistry behind herbs in Level 1900. Gaining a better understanding of how herbs work and their effect upon the human body enables herbalists to provide better information for their clients. Christopher Hobbs brings a new perspective to herbal medicine by merging science and nature in an effort to understand plants and their healing properties.
Master Herbalist David Christopher rounds off the Master Herbalist training by sharing his firsthand accounts as a practicing herbalist. David defines the legal limits an herbalist must work within when educating the public. He also teaches methods of establishing a successful herbal practice without falling into the trap of prescribing or diagnosing.
In Level 2100 the Herbal Research Assignment and 100 Herb Syllabus gives students in-depth information on common herbs. Full color pictures and excellent descriptions make this syllabus one of the students most valued reference manuals. Student will also use their knowledge and reference material as they complete the thesis assignment.
Level 2200 deals with plant chemistry and how it affects the human body. Students will learn from Dr. James Duke, a master of ethnobotany. Dr. James Duke gives information on how herbs work and why. Also discussed are Dr. Duke's remedies for the following ailments: allergies, Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, asthma, body odor, cancer, carpal tunnel syndrome, cataracts, depression, hypothyroidism, vaginitis, wrinkles and more.
The Certified Herbal Retailer program is essential for those who work in the Herbal Industry. This course will empower you with the knowledge and confidence needed to answer questions brought to you by your customers. The Certified Herbal Retailer course is for retailers that want to be more informed, educated, and independent. This course explores important concepts in natural medicine, basic herbology, legal aspects of selling herbs, and contains information specifically for herbal retailers. Upon completion of this program, you will receive a certificate.