Level 200 discusses the rich history of herbal medicine.

Detailed information is included on the immune system, herbal history, children's diseases and much more.

This level also treats the student to 10 hours of timeless herbal education by Dr. Christopher on CD. Dr. Christopher gives expert instruction on the organ systems of the body including the heart, digestive tract, lungs, liver, pancreas, nerves, skin, eyes, reproductive organs and kidneys. He also shares information on pregnancy, allergies, obesity, varicose veins, pyorrhea and hair loss. Dr. Christopher's "Curing the Incurables" program is also detailed. This program has helped countless people reclaim their health from the clutches of so called "incurable" diseases.

A Healthier You audios include information on Anxiety, Artificial Sweeteners, Getting Started - Transition, Herbal Psychiatry, High Blood Pressure & Heart Health, Immunity, Men's Health, Prozac, Vaccines and Water.

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